FoodLog for meal record and calorie
control with photos.

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Meal record with pictures

Meal record with pictures

FoodLog App keeps meal record and other information by taking pictures. The picture is shared with FoodLog Web service.

Meal photo for health care

Meal photo for health care

Casually taken food is actually important element of our future body. Keep meal diary with photos for health care.

Simple, but precise

Simple, but precise

Tapping a photo pulls out a list of candidates from a food database. Just tap on the list to select a food name to make precise meal and calorie record, you don't need to input text for search.

What you can do with the app

  1. register calories of meals in a photo
  2. estimate food name by image analysis
  3. make text-based meal record without photo
  4. summarize daily intake of calorie
  5. manage food name database
  6. save meal record to cloud storage
  7. share record with FoodLog Web

FoodLog Web

By sending pictures of meals to FoodLog Web by email, it keeps meal record. Meal registered by the App are seamlessly accessible on the Web service. FoodLog Web provides nutrition balance control and mapping function etc. in adition to the App's function.

FoodLog API

We provide the image analysis technology used in FoodLog service as a Web API. Our food-specialized algorithm permits image analysis of food pictures, which are usually difficult subjects of image recognition due to a wide variety of shapes, colors, and textures of foods.
The API makes new information services possible such as nutrition-related health informatics, entertainment application, and marketing via food image posting website.